Celebrating the birth of a baby

At St. Matthew’s we welcome all parents who want to celebrate the birth of their baby with a service of baptism or thanksgiving. Baptism involves the parents and godparents making a number of declarations about their own Christian faith and their intention to bring up the child in that faith. Some parents choose a thanksgiving service to celebrate the birth instead of baptism because the element of commitment is more open. 

Baptisms and thanksgivings normally take place as part of our family service on the first Sunday of the month. Although special arrangements can be made for baptism at other times, we recommend joining in the family service because it helps to underline the significance of baptism:

  • Becoming part of the family circle of the wider Church;
  • A commitment to Christ. For an infant who is too young to understand, it is really the parents who are committing themselves to make sure their child joins in the relevant Church groups so that he or she can learn about Jesus.
Since baptism means these things, it is better to do it when the whole church can join in and support the parents. To help them fulfil the vows they will take at their child’s baptism, we also invite parents to join one of our courses exploring the Christian faith. This will help them to understand the vows you are making and it will also help them to answer their children’s questions about Christianity as they grow up. 

There are no fees for baptisms, although donations are welcome. A card certifying the baptism is given to the parents and we do our best to stay in touch until the child is old enough to join one of our Sunday groups.

If you would like to talk about or to arrange a service of baptism or thanksgiving please contact the church office.